What created the face on mars

Although one of the most popular landmarks on Mars, the face is by no means the only group of rocks to lie in a visually pleasing configuration. A lava flow pattern on the large volcano Alba Patera looks a great deal like the popular Muppet Kermit the Fro. It causes people to see patterns such as faces and images in everyday objects.

Ancient ruins like the Sphinx or Pyramids.

What created the face on mars
The images became a sensation, and very quickly thoughts turned to what type of aliens built them, and where they might have come from. Many people think that the face on Mars is merely a case of pareidolia. Writer and conspiracy theorist Richard Hoagland was one of the biggest proponents of the face on Mars idea.
What created the face on mars #2
A few of those images contained what is now known as the face on Mars. This provides a 'Power-Wash and Rinse'. To with either a single directory or multiple directories, then define the changes callback in a block. In this same region of Mars, called Cydonia, other structures that resembled pyramids were seen. However, some people believe that the face exists as a structure created by intelligent design. So first we need to enable epel repository.