How many words in average ya novel

This novel is too long to publish, at least by a traditional New York publisher. At least you dont need to run down to your nearest big store, since this guide will tell you quickly the average word counts for every category of novel. I went to a bookstore, gathered some big, hefty novels in a genre like mine, and sat there on the shop floor and counted words. Before diving into the specifics of genre-based word counts, lets look at the broader picture of average book length.

Im telling you this because I want you to know publishers are particular and risk averse.

I sold that book for a good six-figure sum, and have never looked back since. Since you have more than one novel, you might try self publishing one first and really work to gain exposure and loyal readers. Make the hardest part of writing easier. She'd been constipated for over a week before the laculose. The answer in a large part depends on whether the novel is fiction or nonfiction. Its by an author who goes by the pen name Wildbow.
All of them agree that the chapter length should be defined by the story and that any chapter length targets you decide on are merely guidelines. Especially in fantastic fiction, there may be many characters with unique names no wizard is ever named John, places, and even objects. How many words are there in an average novel.