How to store multiple checkbox value in mysql database

Enumerate the entries and have a master table and store the select mapped numbers. The values can be automatically separated via comma inside table cell. But i was unable to retrieve data from database actually i am getting data from database. We are going to use arrays in this scenario.

How to Send multiple selected checkbox data to single row column box and separate them with comma.

How to store multiple checkbox value in mysql database #1
In this tutorial we are simply submitting multiple values at a single time to MySQL database table inside single row-column box. And now i want to retrieve data from database. It keep crashing when I open it.
I am wanting to know how I can make this happen, and how does PHP read these values from the database if I want to call variables in a query. It explains how to set up analysis codes and. In this article we will see how to insert multiple checkbox values in one column in a MySQL Database. My idea is to use a String datatype to store multiple values of CheckBoxList by concating to use substring to fetch select the multiple items But I can't do it Please help me. Code for multiple-checkbox-values.