How to say performance art in spanish

How Do You Say 'What' in Spanish. Just learning how to speak Spanish. In its meaning as about, sobre can also be substituted with acerca de. To know when to use the correct version of what, it is helpful to know how what is being used and how it functions as a part of speech.
I really don't know what I'm doing. By far the most common translation is sobre also used for above, o be careful and learn more about this word. How to say Art in Other Languages. How To Say In Order To or So That in Spanish.
You Have Nothing to Fear Except Not Knowing How to Say Fear in Spanish. To translate what to Spanish, you need first to determine how it is being used in a sentence, for example as a pronoun or adjective. Perhaps you have seen the word what translated to Spanish in Spanish in various ways and wanted to know the differences in how they are used. Common ways of translating what include include que, como, lo que, and cual. By the Way, Here's How To Say Just That in Spanish.