I twisted my ankle what to do

Yes, its a great escuse to laze around, lol. Stay relaxed and on pain killers and ice. When I twisted my leg, my ankle was swollen - thatdo. That's what I was advised to do by a first-aid guy when it happened.
I twisted my ankle what to do
In no case can the joint be heated, otherwise inflammation will begin, there will be pain and more serious treatment will be required. Take aleve or some other pain killer and elevate it. Single strand knots more common in dry, curly hair, i twisted my ankle what to do.

I was running, and I fell into a pit.

You can Google stretches to see which ones you prefer. One of the most important things to do is strengthening exercises once you are able to move it around. You can do stuff like ankle raises, marble pick ups with your toes, etc. As an aid, it is enough to reduce the load, remove the shoes, give a stop to rest.