Why is the study of birds important

Each year on the second weekend of May scientists, conservati. So do many other creatures-but still, birds are the supreme natural aviators. One summer, I was back home and my dad mentioned the fact that the Baltimore Orioles had made a nest in the huge shagbark hickory tree by the driveway again.
Why is the study of birds important
This prompts the question, why. Look at how popular birds are as pets, and the popularity of bird watching as a hobby. Why is the National bird of importance. Quite apart from that, there is human fascination with their beauty and incredible diversity.
Why is the study of birds important #2
An increase in the proportion of the population living in towns. Bird migration comes in many flavours and, as with ice cream, vanilla is the one people are most familiar with. We need to conserve them and protect them for humans benefit.