How violent cough occurs in pertussis

What is the prognosis for whooping cough. Droplets of the bacteria move through the air when an infected person sneezes, coughs or talks. In its early stages, it looks like the common cold, but then it develops into unrelenting coughing spells that often interfere with breathing. Initial symptoms usually resemble the common cold.

How do people transmit whooping cough.

How violent cough occurs in pertussis #2
After symptoms first appear, the disease can take anywhere from weeks to months to fully run its course. The cough itself often causes complications in teens and adults. These bacteria produce toxins that paralyze parts of respiratory cells, leading to inflammation in the respiratory tract.
The name refers to the whooping sound made upon breathing in during a prolonged coughing spell. What is the treatment for whooping cough. Unable To Connect Laptop To Tv Via Hdmi. Da otha day she waz smilin sittin up nobodi but me kno shyt how much I miss her.