When did kha and merit die

The two anthropoid coffins of Kha are excellent examples of the wealth and technically brilliant workmanship of the arts during the reign of Amenhotep III. The findings tell us that the lower-level elite, such as Kha and Merit, received a reasonable degree of care. The chamber itself was rectangular with smooth plastered walls. The coffins of Kha and Merit had been buried in two nested coffins.
A remarkable artifact that had belonged to Merit, was her wig, made with real locks of hair sewn together and braided. Kha's mummy had been tightly wrapped with several items of jewelry included within the wrappings. We should not update all, as in future webdriver, we will get this back. The pyramid-chapel of Kha and Merit was already well.
Make an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the information you. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified when new dates are added. Inner Coffin of Kha, Stucco Gold, Bronze. The items found in the tomb show that Kha and Merit were quite wealthy during their lifetime. It merges the two different types of coffins found on the middle and inner coffins of Kha. The inner coffin of Merit is the only one of its kind.