Media streaming router settings

Configuring the Proximity Server Settings. Would media streaming work for me. Some router settings may prevent from communication and lead to media streaming failure. Please set it to ON and keep it that way.

It means tweaking settings to prevent constant streaming video buffering and lag.

Media streaming router settings
If you have Setting a router for streaming then we strongly recommend that you Download Setting a router for streaming Repair Tool. Should I adjust specific settings for it. If your ISP is ExStream, Unifi or Maxis. Configuring Request Routing Settings. But, media streaming router settings, you'll have to set it up as a new device, if it isn't the computer you last synced it with. Configuring IP-Based Redirection.
But it can do so much more, especially if you know how to tweak its settings. Remember to clean bloodstains with cold water only, as hot liquids will set these stains for good. The router settings throttle the performance.