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Not true once again please leave me out it nonsense. They've been the best years of my life. Having packed an abundance of sexy lingerie for her stay, Lauren said that you never know what she might get up to now thats a saucy promise. Producers allegedly wanted her to spill the beans on her turbulent relationship with ex-fiance Mark Wright, as he prepares to marry Corrie star Michelle Keegan.

I never done this to get famous.

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Gary Busey in Celebrity Big Brother. Not only were they super fun to make. Celebrity Big Brother Stephanie Pratt. Of course, you already knew all that stuff.
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Plus how she plans to become more famous than Mark Wright. Here's a preview Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright may have split five years ago but that hasn't stopped them from being at war with each other. The star, who is loved up with a dental hygienist, has appeared on a whole host of shows, but what else do we know about her. Well you can imagine just how excited we got. She was most recently on last years Worlds Greatest Body Shockers. By changing elements of music, you can change the mood of a song.