How to erase search history on google maps

This article describes how to delete your search history and turn off Google's search history feature. How to clear your Google Maps history on your phone. However, if you've done a lot of exploring on Google Maps, chances are your search history is relatively large.
To see your Maps history, follow the steps below. Select the Filter by date and product option. This article teaches you how to delete Google Maps navigation history. Com and sign in, if needed, using the link in the top right corner. This SUV is in a very good working condition, accident free with full paid duty. If your Samsung smart switch is closing randomly there could be many possible reasons for that. Follow the steps below to clear out your Google Maps search history.
How to erase search history on google maps #1
If you're logged into your Google account, Google keeps a history of every search you make. We all search for plenty of wacky and one-time things in Google Maps, and despite what Google thinks we don't always want that sitting in our history forever. Clear Maps Search Data On Android. There are also plenty of times when we navigate somewhere that we'll never go back to, and there's no reason to have it saved in the app's history. On the right, click More Delete activity by. Unlimited text to Talk N Text and Smart subscribers. It also works for Android devices.