How does ps3 to ps4 game upgrade work

You just have to follow these steps. Game developers know the exact specs of the system so everything is highly optimized to run on those specific hardware and architecture. Would be nice if they do it for GTA. Third-party apps connecting with the API to spread disinformation is a big problem.
To get the full step-by-step instructions, check out the official guide. Now they may or may not do this with Destiny, but considering it is the same company Activision releasing the game I won't be surprised if they do the same for Destiny as well. You must Log in or Sign up to reply here. Sony previously said the upgrade price would be determined by publishers. But I'd like to package the resulting executables into a nice MSI installation file. This means that you cannot upgrade the motherboard and chip separately either.
How does ps3 to ps4 game upgrade work
And yes they won't tell you about it of course, they just promote the free upgrade part. Trying to complete them with randos can be frustrating at the very least. Otherwise, you need to upgrade it. This code can only be used one time.