What is post secondary education for tax purposes

Post-secondary training, then, is what comes next. To be deductible, you must have a legal obligation to make the payments and not provide them voluntarily. Post means after, therefore the other folks are right when they say Post Secondary education is what you get after high school. Undergraduate and graduate-level.

The courses can be undergraduate or graduate level.

Overview of the Lifetime Learning CreditThe Lifetime Learning Credit is a tax credit for expenses and tuition for college or university courses. The federal tax law allows you to deduct the amount of alimony payments you make during the tax year from income. The Ministry of Education recognizes post-secondary courses for funding purposes if they are part of the school-age students' planned programs of study leading to graduation. Tertiary education generally culminates in the receipt of certificates, diplomas, r academic degrees.

What is post secondary education for tax purposes
Tax Law and Alimony for Tax Purposes. It refers to the first four calendar years of education. Post-secondary education is not required but is used by many people to gain additional education and skills for higher-level employment. Most of the highest-paid jobs require advanced degrees or specialty certificates that can only be earned through dedicated training. The most common kinds of post-secondary education.