How to hold your breath longer diving

On average, most people can hold their breath for up to one minute without significant difficulty, then another minute while their body starts trying to do it involuntarily. When you feel the urge to breathe, its actually caused by a buildup of carbon dioxide in your body. You've been scuba diving for a little while, but freediving is starting to catch your eye.
How to hold your breath longer diving #2
Getting Ready To Hold Your Breath. Some free divers can go minutes, some upwards of five minutes, before having to take a breath. To help with that, heres our guide on how to hold your breath longer. How do I hold my breath longer is probably the most common question that I get asked and the truth is that there is no simple answer.
Below is how it looks in the error report. There is a part of you that would like to be able to do better and go longer without having to surface for a breath. You should notice your time improving as you get more used to your bodys response to the levels of carbon dioxide and begins to manage them. I dont plan on diving for pearls, but maybe one day Ill end up in a capsized cruise ship and Ill have to swim through an underwater maze in order to reach safety. The first step in learning how to hold your breath for a long time is ignoring your bodys urge to breathe. Hold the side of the pool until you regain your regular heartbeat and breathing pattern and note down your breath-hold time after each attempt.