Install os x no apple id

How to do I install San Francisco Fonts on my Mac Computer. I'd like to re-purpose it for my web designer to use here at my office, since she cannot easily run the Adobe suite on the Ubuntu machines we already have. Re-download the OS from the Purchased tab of the app sto.

Is there any other way to install Mavericks or Lion to this Air.

I was recently given a retired MacBook pro from my work. If I proceed, will this link my apple Id to the computer again. So, I want to wipe all of the us. To do a correct temperature test in the fridge you need to get a thermometer and put it in a glad of water, install os x no apple id, leave it overnight and then take the reading. Would it be in the set-up literature. But I need a proper Apple ID - the one that has been used with the computer to install App Store software, which should be my friend's Apple ID.
Install os x no apple id
I try to Restore to the manufacture and go to page Reinstall Mac OS. It seems I have to download and install Mavericks it's free. Stoppen met roken, veel lichaamsbeweging, gezond eten en zorgen voor weinig stress zijn dan belangrijke leefregels.