Who won the presidential election results 2012

For example, how much vote Obama Got. His Democratic and major party challenger was Senator Hillary Clinton of New York. To illustrate how exit poll results should be read, let's use hypothetical results as an illustration. President Senate House Forecast Exit Polls State Results More.

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Will have its first female president. We'll be updating this post with the full numbers as they come in. And votes won by Obama as well as Romney and by others. Annoyed of that false email notification on your phone. Every satellite launches digital signal to earth constantly, nd then the GPS user on earth figures out his location, peed. Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party came in third. Constitution, an incumbent president cannot be re-elected more than once.
Others refers to candidates from any number of third parties who are on the ballot. Barack Obama-Joe Biden Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan. At night exact timings vary from state to state. Voters will choose their presidential electors, who in turn will vote for a new president and vice president, through the Electoral College on the basis of the results in their jurisdiction.