How to make a model boat out of bottles

Work on creating such a souvenir begins with the manufacture of a small, but beautiful and well-designed model boata. Use a sharp knife or a nail to make the hole in the cap. Cut the bottle, being careful to avoid sharp edges.
How to make a model boat out of bottles
How to turn on and customise the on-screen keyboard in Windows XP. If the edges seem too sharp, dull them with sandpaper. And what kind of fishing without a boat. Both holes should be located on the same side of the bottle, in a line, bottom to top.
Draw and cut an oval of similar size and shape in the second bottle. Wooden boat designs can be modified to make the same craft with cardboard. Add a small lump of Plasticine or modelling clay to the bottom of the boat. Making a boat out of a bottle is a great idea for recycling and fun for kids.