How to blow-dry naturally curly hair with a diffuser

Blow drying curly hair is a tough task. If you have a curly or frizzy hair type, using a diffuser attachment is a great way to dry your hair without causing your curls to fall apart and look fuzzy. Lift the diffuser towards your scalp as the hair dries so that the airflow gets to the roots.

In it, Im sharing my drying routine to get frizz-free and voluminous curls.

A diffuser is a savior for many girls with curly locks. In today's post on how blow-dry curly hair, to I'm sharing my drying routine to get frizz-free and voluminous curls. Prep your hair with the right products to protect your curls, then finish with a serum to hold your look in place. Free templates to structure your strategy. But what do you do if you dont have a diffuser handy.
I would like to see some short haircuts for naturally curly hair and its shape if I get a straght blowdry. Some women spend up to an hour trying to style their hair and eventually end up failing. We came up with five quick methods to help you improve your curls. Full text from Ubuntu Forums to follow Himuraken. Easy-to-use salary calculator for computing your net income in the United Kingdom, after Income Tax and National Insurance contributions have been deducted. When watching the blow drying curls with a diffuser video, I wondered how you know how and where to place the bobby pins.