How to sort photos by time taken in lightroom

If you hit Change without changing the data in the dialog, then suddenly the image will sort correctly. I have found a time shift function in Lightroom, but that is only to shift the timeszone, not to shift complete days or weeks. Learn how to organize your photos in Lightroom. In Library look on the left columns and find the Folders menu.
How to sort photos by time taken in lightroom #2
Then select Capture Time and viola, your photos will be arranged by capture time. From there you can also select Ascending or Descending depending on your preferences. Click on the triangle if it's not visible to display all the folders in the catalog. Unfortunately, while you can change this date easily, it doesn't affect how Lightroom sorts and categorizes your images. What I found was a quick solution to sort both cameras in Lightroom sorting by Capture Time. You can manage your photos as albums or stacks.
If a question is ticked that does not mean you cannot continue it. Anyone out there has a tip for me how to accomplish this. What most of us do not know is HOW. Views Photo Grid, Square Grid, and Detail.