400 gallon aquarium setup

The startup is instant with a self-priming button and does not need to manually siphon. API Filstar XP L canister filter. After that, it was time to jump in the tank and remove live rock and catch all the fish. Then we pumped most of the water out of the tank.
A significant advantage of this tank is the LED light that offers natural light for the fish. As you will see, adding an aquarium to your home is easy to do and well worth the years of enjoyment you will experience. This is our favorite video yet. Whisper air pump and tubing for bubble screen. Large wood piece, large holy rock pieces, and sandstone rock for decor. Customizations are available on all Tsunami Acrylic Aquariums upon Request.
And poor water can be harmful or even fatal to fish. This is the kind of tank that is perfect for use in an office or home as it is easy to setup Check out my aquarium setup post. Our home is finally up for sale in Snoqualmie Ridge. The next day we pumped the remaining water out of the tank, removed sand and cleaned the inside of the tank. Each aquarium is hand built and polished in the. Fish food, water conditioner, etc.