How to take backup in mysql query browser

I want to take a table backup from database in mysql. I want to create a backup of my mysql database that's created in Query Browser, but I just can't figure out how. It is a nice MySQL manager for Mac OS X users.

Choose Custom option in the Export page.

I chose Miranda's Side then Jack get's pissed, I then had to gain enough Renegade points, me being Renegade and it gave me the renegade option when I went to talk to jack. Coppock, Mark and Martindale, John. How to e-mail yourself an automatic backup of MySQL database table with PHP. This is a superb script for taking MySQL database backup in account of an e-mail which hits your inbox with backup of specific tables along with an attached.
How to take backup in mysql query browser
This isn't about setting up automatic backup of the db, it's about saving the whole database to a file, so that I can sen. Thats the case of the freeware tool called Sequel Pro. Before, I take you away with the script, let me share some limitation of this script.