Fresh windows install with upgrade

The first time it booted up I was able to log in but got. Fresh start will remove most of your apps from your device. I think this is mainly to get rid of the manufactures bloatware. You might not have to do the upgrade first.
Fresh windows install with upgrade
Youll have the option to keep your personal files. I said no, but I want to double check. Information Using Fresh start lets you perform a clean reinstallation and update of Windows while keeping your personal data and most Windows settings intact. Hi everybody, I will soon replace my HDD with about the OS reinstall. Fresh start will remove all apps that don't come standard with Windows, including other Microsoft apps such as Office, third-party antiviru.
Fresh windows install with upgrade #1
After seeing all the problems with the upgrade there is no doubt a fresh install is the way to go. All steps are automated with buttons greyed out. You will loose all installed apps but be able to keep user files. Depending on the model of the USB Hub, the printer may not be correctly detected.